MAGRÌ Handbags

The iconic logo of the two-headed serpent represents a woman’s inherent duality. The MAGRÌ woman is complex, graceful, exciting and at the same time mysterious and dark. She is cultured and autonomous, understanding that an accessory is never just an accessory; it’s the instrument of a well-thought-out agenda. MAGRÌ handbags are made to give women a feeling of romance and glamour but with a strong modern attitude. The tradition of a “Crafted in Florence” product coupled with innovative design is a commodity of substance and beauty.


The MAGRÌ Private Showroom is located in the ancient district of Brera, the artistic heart of Milan, home to the Academia di Belle Arti. Lavishly decorated, international buyers and guests are immersed in the philosophy and emotion of the brand through carefully appointed details. MAGRÌ handbags are stocked throughout Italy’s “Top Shop”, and multi-brand stores in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Qatar and Korea. In addition, they are available through several E-commerce sites including


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