Style icon, Madame Bonnardel’s placid gaze lures the viewer into a convergent moment in history. As the Art Nouveau style receded into the past, it lead the way to a new era, one defined by 1920’s glamour and exuberance, with a devilishly keen eye on modern life. In 1925 at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts held in Paris, Art Deco took hold of society. It quickly transformed and influenced nearly every city-scape around the world and instilled a sense of faith in social and technological progress. People embraced the elevated mood. The turn of the century, was a combination of pre Modernist style with an emphasis on fine craftsmanship; utilizing rich color palettes.

This season, MAGRÌ tips its hat to painter Federico Beltrán Masses who masterfully captured Madame Bonnardel’s thrilling sensuality that was equal parts Jazz Age decadence and fin de siècle flash.


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